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Lighthouse 100

This demonstrates a static website generated using Next.js' new Static Site Generation (SSG). View the source on GitHub.

To inspect the response from our edge network, run:
curl -sI | grep x-vercel
x-vercel-cache: HIT
x-vercel-id: cle1::zzq7g-1604525989923-a33b3946ccee
When people visit this site, the response always comes instantly from their nearest location.
Unlike traditional static solutions, however, you can generate previews of edits that you can share with anyone you choose. To try it out, click the edit icon on the bottom right and edit the content. When you're done, click the share icon on the bottom right to generate a shareable preview URL.
SSG and Preview Mode make Next.js the most optimal framework to integrate into your Headless CMS workflow. Learn more about the preview mode on our documentation.